There are more label changes on the way. More and more products on the shelves are featuring the changes. The one change that doesn’t make sense to me is the required inclusion of vitamin D. It has basically taken the place of vitamin A on the label. Previously, vitamin D only had to be listed if it was added to a product, like milk, cereal, yogurt, and other foods fortified with vitamin D or if a claim was made on the label. Other than a very few foods that contain it naturally, these type foods are basically

An example of the new food label, from a package of eggs

the only ones that contain vitamin D. Most foods you’ll see will have vitamin D listed as 0%. I have no idea what purpose making vitamin D required on the label is supposed to serve, considering that it’s in so few foods and most of the ones containing it have it added, which in that case it’s supposed to be listed anyway. Following is my wish list for food labels and what I’d like to see included. I think my ideas make a lot more sense than the one to make vitamin D required on most labels. Read More →