One of my remaining boxes of the blueberry gluten-free breakfast bars

Shortly after going gluten-free back in 2012, I found the Glutino gluten-free breakfast bars. I really enjoyed them and thought they were similar to the Nutri-Grain bars I used to eat years ago. I would take them to college to have for a snack when classes ran through lunch. I was able to find the strawberry, cherry, apple, and blueberry gluten-free breakfast bars at various local stores like Ingles, Kroger, and Earth Fare. I would eagerly stock up whenever I was at a location that had a flavor whose supplies were running low at home. When I had to eliminate guar gum and later on xanthan gum, these were able to stay on my grocery list because they had neither of these ingredients. I was sad about having to give up the Glutino toaster pastries since they contained xanthan gum. Someone from Glutino told me that corn is used to make the xanthan gum they use in their products, but I decided the safest course would be to find products that didn’t have the ingredient at all in case suppliers changed or mistakes were made. I wanted to err on the side of caution to prevent reactions. Read More →

My favorite peanut butter products

When I first purchased the PB2 peanut butter powder, I did some research online and came across this article. I disagree with the author’s opinion on PB2. While I don’t eat it all the time, it works great in smoothies and as a spread on pancakes when regular peanut butter would just add too many calories. I actually really like the taste and consistency of it, even though it’s different from regular peanut butter. I definitely plan to continue purchasing and using PB2.

In addition to discussing PB2, the author discusses regular peanut butter and adds reasons she prefers almond butter to peanut butter. In the past I never had a preference for one over the other. I kept jars of both and used them with sandwiches, sliced bananas, on pancakes, and in other ways. I loved them both. However, I no longer buy almond butter, although I know Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread contains almonds. I now prefer peanut butter to almond butter for several reasons. Read More →

There are more label changes on the way. More and more products on the shelves are featuring the changes. The one change that doesn’t make sense to me is the required inclusion of vitamin D. It has basically taken the place of vitamin A on the label. Previously, vitamin D only had to be listed if it was added to a product, like milk, cereal, yogurt, and other foods fortified with vitamin D or if a claim was made on the label. Other than a very few foods that contain it naturally, these type foods are basically

An example of the new food label, from a package of eggs

the only ones that contain vitamin D. Most foods you’ll see will have vitamin D listed as 0%. I have no idea what purpose making vitamin D required on the label is supposed to serve, considering that it’s in so few foods and most of the ones containing it have it added, which in that case it’s supposed to be listed anyway. Following is my wish list for food labels and what I’d like to see included. I think my ideas make a lot more sense than the one to make vitamin D required on most labels. Read More →

Although it’s hard to feel happy and thankful when dealing with various health conditions, there are things upon which I can reflect and feel very thankful as a result of these conditions. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for this reflection. The following are things for which I’ve learned to be thankful. Read More →

You’re feeling ill and dealing with numerous health issues. Could your diet be to blame? Could going vegan or Paleo help? What about eliminating GMOs or eating only organic foods? What about cutting out all packaged and processed foods? I truly believe that the only diet that helps is the one that gives your body what it needs, no matter what type of diet it is or what types of food it contains. It’s the diet that works for you as an individual. Below is what I’ve found that works best for me, at least so far. Read More →

My first day gluten-free was on September 11, 2012. I recall the actual day itself being pretty uneventful. That night and the days following, I began to notice such a huge difference in how I felt that I knew gluten, or wheat at least, was a problem for me. Over the years, I’ve had to deal with so many ups, downs, and issues trying to get my health where it needs to be. Read More →

Before I went gluten-free, I had found a delicious and easy baked beans recipe in one of my church cookbooks.  I made it several times, and everyone who tried the beans seemed to love them.  I always added more bacon and peppers than the recipe called for, and I think that made them even more delicious.  Read More →

Why would the four of these things make up the title of a blog post? They’re the latest things I’ve suspected and determined were causing me to have allergen exposure issues. I’ve felt better since dealing with each of these things, so chances seem high that these really were issues, but knowing how crazy these things seem, I’m still a little skeptical. Time will tell. Read More →

I’m a hot chocolate addict!

I’m a cold-natured person, and I love warming up with a mug of hot chocolate. I’ve bought packets from mainstream brands like Swiss Miss and specialty brands like NibMor. For a long time, I even made it myself with two parts sugar to one part cocoa powder in a mug of hot water. Hot chocolate is one of my favorite beverages, but I have to be careful due to cocoa’s high copper content. I discovered a very different experience with one brand of hot cocoa mix over another, and each had very similar ingredients. Read More →