At the beginning of the year, I saw my gastroenterologist and complained to her about some issues with bloating that I’d been having. She suggested I try a probiotic and gave me some samples of Restora. They made me feel awful. Thinking I was just experiencing effects from the good bacteria trying to colonize my gut, I tried to stick with them. Finally, I’d had enough and decided to try something else. Read More →


I hate having to be gluten-free and living the gluten-free life. It’s a necessary evil, a requirement to stay healthy, and not a choice for me. It is with me all day and everyday, for the rest of my life, and every meal can be a stress-filled event as I do my best to make sure that during preparation and eating I don’t contaminate my food. Read More →

How I Decided I Needed to Be Gluten-Free

It always seemed like I was a healthy kid. My mom took my sister and me to the doctor every year, and we always got clean bills of health. I never remember being sick from an undetermined cause. As a teenager, I had terrible acne, and this persisted throughout my college years. About the time of my senior year in college, I decided to go to a dermatologist to see if he could help me manage my acne and clear my skin. Read More →