April 2007

This month, I celebrate ten years since I began my weight-loss journey.  Back in April 2007, I was disappointed in my body and the way I looked, and I resolved to find a way to change it.  I’d been working out sporadically and inconsistently except for on Saturday mornings, and I resolved to try fitting in a morning workout every day.  I started with 8-minute Tae-Bo workouts and went from there.  I gradually worked in dietary changes and added longer, more intense workouts.  Over a three-year period, I dropped around 40 pounds and for the most part have been able to maintain it.  I’ve recently put on about five pounds, which I believe is due to my dietary changes to balance copper and zinc.  Getting those balanced has forced changes in other areas, like my supplement regimen, and these drastic changes I

April 2017, taken after my intense morning workout

believe have had an impact on my weight.  I’m hoping I can still maintain a decent weight for years to come by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  Shortly after I started my blog, I posted about my weight loss, which I had accomplished before I went gluten-free.  If your body tolerates wheat and gluten, then you do not need to go gluten-free to lose weight.  Burning more calories than you consume is what will ultimately allow you to lose weight.  Eating a healthy, balanced diet will give you the fuel you need to get through your workouts and help you to do all that you need to do throughout your day.  Also, indulging occasionally in treats you love should not derail your efforts.  It will keep you from feeling deprived.




Here is my original post on my weight loss, I Didn’t Need the Gluten Free Diet to Lose Weight.

About six months after I started eating gluten-free, I stopped eating out in an effort to eliminate gluten cross-contamination. I would either take my own food out or just eat at home. My birthday almost two years later was my first time eating out at a restaurant since that time. It was at a 100% gluten-free restaurant. While it was a wonderful experience, it was not local. When I found out that Pizza Hut was offering a gluten-free pizza on Udi’s crust and would use GFCO-certified procedures to make it, I was excited. Read More →

Christmas this year was a pretty rough one for me. Extreme gluten sensitivity makes it very difficult to stay symptom-free for any length of time. Even the smallest traces cause minor but recognizable symptoms, but you don’t know how much damage those exposures are doing, especially when you have one exposure after another. Staying symptom-free this Christmas season was a huge struggle.

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