Before I went gluten-free, I had found a delicious and easy baked beans recipe in one of my church cookbooks.  I made it several times, and everyone who tried the beans seemed to love them.  I always added more bacon and peppers than the recipe called for, and I think that made them even more delicious.  Read More →

Sometimes my grandmother would take leftover mashed potatoes and make pancakes out of them.  They were always so good.  I’d always wanted to make them myself but would never have the necessary amount of mashed potatoes on hand.  When I started buying potato flour, I wanted to find a recipe to make the pancakes using potato flour rather than leftover mashed potatoes.  Read More →

My mom found a green bean recipe in a magazine and tweaked it a bit.  It turned out to be delicious.  I love it not just for the taste but also for the fact that it’s a quick and easy way to prepare green beans.  Normally, we would cook the green beans for at least an hour on the stove to allow the flavoring from bullion or a concentrate to become fully integrated.  With this recipe, you can throw together delicious-tasting green beans in minutes. Read More →

Note: This recipe has been updated since it was first published.

There was a lady at my church who baked the most delicious chocolate brownies.  She would bake a batch and bring them to the children and youth programs.  They were eaten up very quickly.  I was delighted to get a copy of this recipe years later in one of my church’s cookbooks and would make it for family, friends, church gatherings, and parties.  When I first started to remove gluten from my diet, I knew I had to find a way to convert this recipe.

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Before I went gluten-free, my sister found a way to fix a cobbler that was absolutely delicious.  She combined cans of caramel apple pie filling, yellow cake mix, and butter into a dish and baked it.  It was a huge hit.  After I went gluten-free, she tried the recipe using gluten-free yellow cake mix.  It made a good cobbler, but it was hard to get the cake mix to brown when baking.  A couple of weeks ago, she found a recipe for a peach cobbler that’s made in the crock pot.  Read More →

This is a recipe I’ve been using since the first holiday season I was gluten-free.  My family, especially my brother-in-law, seems to love it.  I took Glutino’s delicious cornbread recipe that was on the back of their Yankee Cornbread & Muffin Mix box and tweaked it a bit. Read More →

My grandmother made delicious cornbread.  It was always so moist while many others were always so dry.  I hadn’t had it in a long time.  My grandmother went into the nursing home nearly eight years ago, and she passed away five years ago.  No one else made cornbread using that recipe.  I’d really been missing it, and when I found the certified gluten-free instant corn masa mix and the recipe for corn masa cornbread which suggested the rule of three parts masa to one part flour, I wanted to try to make it gluten-free. Read More →