Copper Toxicity

I decided to create a page for copper toxicity on my blog because I want to do what I can to raise awareness of this condition. I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed until I tried a different multivitamin to see if I could find something better for iron absorption. Copper toxicity could be a huge contributor to a host of problems I’d been experiencing over the years, such as my problems keeping up my iron, my hypothyroidism, my acne, and possibly others.

Copper toxicity is a condition which occurs in the body when the copper-to-zinc ratio is out-of-balance. The copper-to-zinc ratio is much higher than it should be. This skewed ratio causes a zinc deficiency, and without enough zinc to process the copper, the copper gets stored in the body’s tissues and organs rather than being utilized. This stored copper can lead to a whole host of problems, including the ones listed above. Vegetarians, vegans, and even those who emphasize plant-based foods in their diets (like me) are at increased risk.

The following are some excellent resources for information I’ve found online.

  • Copper Toxicity: This is a very comprehensive website with plenty of information about the condition itself and how to treat it.
  • Copper Toxicity and Self-Evaluation: This site includes a Copper Toxicity Self-Evaluation that you can use to determine if copper toxicity may be affecting you.
  • Hidden Copper Overload: This page has a questionnaire that may also be used to help you determine whether or not copper toxicity is affecting you. Ann Louise Gittleman has a book titled “Why Am I Always So Tired?” which deals with copper toxicity and how to correct it. The book is available on Amazon.
  • Copper Toxicity Syndrome: This is another comprehensive article on the condition, detailing what it is, the effects it causes, and how to treat it.

If you would like to join a support group, there is one on Facebook, COPPER IUD TOXICITY / EXCESS COPPER – PRIVATE DISCUSSION GROUP.

A serious condition that should be ruled out by anyone believing that he/she is being affected by copper toxicity is Wilson’s Disease. In Wilson’s Disease, a person’s body is unable to process copper appropriately, so it ends up being stored in organs and tissues rather than being used by the body or eliminated as excess. Anyone concerned about copper toxicity should see his or her doctor to rule out Wilson’s Disease. This page provides a good introduction to Wilson’s Disease and the tests used to diagnose it. It also provides guidelines on how to live with the disease.

Finally, I’ve created a category to keep all my posts on copper toxicity together. Please use this category to read through my posts. I hope the information contained within them will be helpful for you.