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Before I went gluten-free, my sister found a way to fix a cobbler that was absolutely delicious.  She combined cans of caramel apple pie filling, yellow cake mix, and butter into a dish and baked it.  It was a huge hit.  After I went gluten-free, she tried the recipe using gluten-free yellow cake mix.  It made a good cobbler, but it was hard to get the cake mix to brown when baking.  A couple of weeks ago, she found a recipe for a peach cobbler that’s made in the crock pot.  She decided to try the crock pot method with the caramel apple pie filling instead.  She brought the stuff over to my house for me to put it together in my crock pot so that it would be safe for me to eat.  She said to layer the pie filling, cake mix, and butter in the crock pot and then cook it for 2.5 hours on high.  I layered each ingredient in the crock pot, but instead of just letting it sit, I stirred it to keep it from sticking to the crock pot.  I think combining the ingredients rather than layering them really helped to make it turn out a lot better.  The result was delicious!


The picture above may not do this cobbler justice.  It may not look appetizing, but it’s actually very good.  I highly recommend making a cobbler this way if you’ve never tried it!

Crock Pot Caramel Apple Cobbler



  1. Layer the caramel apple pie filling, the yellow cake mix, and the two sticks of butter in a crock pot.
  2. Cover the crock pot and turn it on the high setting.
  3. Let it cook for approximately 2.5 hours.
  4. Stir it occasionally to combine the ingredients and to keep the cobbler from sticking to the sides of the crock pot.
  5. Once finished, put it away for later or serve it immediately while it's still warm!
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