A bully forces you into playing a game of Uncle. The bully grabs your arm and begins to twist. You resist and hold on for as long as you can, but you finally have enough and shout “Uncle!” However, the bully, instead of letting go, continues to twist. Panicked, you try to think of a way to fight him off. Read More →

Note:  This post has been updated since it was first published.

I’ve not had a lot of trouble shopping for gluten-free food products. There is so much available now, and there’s a ton of information out there, especially online. Below, I list some rules of thumb to assist me as I shop for gluten-free food products. Perhaps they will assist you in your shopping for gluten-free food products as well. However, everyone is different, and depending on your unique situation, you may have to handle things differently. Please consult with your doctor or nutritionist as required.

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Below are some of my favorite things to fix up for breakfast, things that are quick and easy to prepare.  I hope you will be able to find some new favorites for yourself in this list.  Please take note that where I list oatmeal or granola, I’m referring to gluten-free oatmeal and gluten-free granola. Also, once I discovered I had a problem with copper toxicity, I realized some of these breakfast options needed to be modified to provide more of a balance between copper and zinc. Keep this balance in mind when implementing some of these breakfast ideas. Many of these are highly copper-dominant. Read More →

Before I went gluten-free, my sister found a way to fix a cobbler that was absolutely delicious.  She combined cans of caramel apple pie filling, yellow cake mix, and butter into a dish and baked it.  It was a huge hit.  After I went gluten-free, she tried the recipe using gluten-free yellow cake mix.  It made a good cobbler, but it was hard to get the cake mix to brown when baking.  A couple of weeks ago, she found a recipe for a peach cobbler that’s made in the crock pot.  Read More →

I can really identify with the lyrics in Twenty One Pilots’ song “Stressed Out”. It seems to deal with how life changes from one phase to the next, and the changes aren’t exactly what you want or expect. While the singer is talking about the realities of growing up and how difficult it is living as an adult, I think about how much more difficult life is now with all I have to deal with and face in the gluten-free life. While the singer reminisces over his childhood years and wishes he could go back to those times, when his mother sang him to sleep and when he would play games with his friends and siblings, I wish for the times when my life was simpler. Eating was just something I did. I ate whatever was prepared or available, or I’d fix it and not give it any thought. Of course, I would plan as far as making sure I was getting plenty of vegetables, fiber, and protein, but I never had to scrutinize food labels or worry about potential cross-contamination. I never was afraid to prepare or eat food. I get that way quite often now because I have to be so careful not to slip up. Read More →


(Note:  This post has been updated multiple times since it was originally published.)

Since I first published this post, I’ve doubled my regimen and later almost completely backed off from it. I’ve decided to include my regimen as it was when I was taking double rather than remove it for those who may benefit from that information.  For my original regimen, what I was using when I first published this post, just cut the amounts in half.  When I was taking the tablets once a day, I would get them in a splittable size and split them in half, taking one half in the morning and the other half in the evening.

Here is what I’m currently using, as of April 2017.

My Regimen Before Correcting My Copper Toxicity

I believe the most important aspect of taking vitamins and supplements is balance.  I believe that anything supplemented needs to be balanced with supplementation of its complementary vitamins and minerals. For example, selenium and iodine need to be taken together. Calcium and magnesium need to be taken together. Vitamin A and Vitamin D need to be taken together. The regimen below has worked well for me. Read More →