I hear about celebrities and others going gluten-free, and they tout it as a miracle. They’ve lost weight. They have a lot more energy. They feel better and more healthy in general. They may even have issues that have improved significantly or completely resolved. They make going gluten-free sound like the best thing since sliced (gluten-free) bread. They love being gluten-free and are eager to have others join them on the gluten-free diet. Read More →

I feel like a crazy person at times. I get paranoid when my food or something that might come into contact with it, like my hand or a utensil, grazes a surface or an object that I know hasn’t been carefully cleaned or wiped down. What if there are traces of gluten on it, and what if I get symptoms from it? Some of the following are ways that I believe I’ve become exposed to gluten and gotten symptoms. Read More →