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fileThese posts introduce the site and detail some of the health issues I have to deal with in my gluten-free life.  I highly recommend all new visitors read these posts.

The following three posts go into detail about my gluten-free story and will provide insight into why I decided to create a blog called “I Hate My Gluten-Free Life”.   These posts are also accessible from the Introductory category page.

  • My Story:  Read about how I discovered I needed to be gluten-free, my struggles starting out in the gluten-free life, and dealing with not having a celiac disease diagnosis.
  • A Healthy Hatred:  I don’t see hating the gluten-free life as a bad thing.  We all have to allow ourselves to feel however we need to feel in order to deal with living the gluten-free life.
  • Why I Hate The Gluten-Free Life:  I hate the gluten-free life for many reasons, and I go into detail about some of those reasons in this post.

I also deal with additional food reactions, and you can learn more about those here.

As of March 2016, I believe I have a true food allergy to wheat and possibly to rye and barley.  The following posts outline how this conclusion came about.

On August 7, 2016, I discovered that I don’t react to vinegar.  Read more here, I Don’t React to Vinegar!

In December 2016, I discovered another hidden but significant health issue, copper toxicity.  More information about this discovery is in this post, Killing Myself with Copper.   My hope is that treating this condition will improve health issues that weren’t really resolved by going gluten-free.

At the beginning of July 2016, I realized I was mistaken about how I was handling vitamin E in my diet.  I had previously thought I needed to balance its intake with that of my vitamin D supplement, but it really needed to be balanced with iron.  This post explains more.