Food options have never been a problem for me in the gluten-free life, even with my additional dietary restrictions and having to give up eating out at restaurants. With all the other things in the gluten-free life that cause me difficulty and stress, food options are the absolute least of my worries. They were actually the easiest part of my adjustment. Read More →

Christmas this year was a pretty rough one for me. Extreme gluten sensitivity makes it very difficult to stay symptom-free for any length of time. Even the smallest traces cause minor but recognizable symptoms, but you don’t know how much damage those exposures are doing, especially when you have one exposure after another. Staying symptom-free this Christmas season was a huge struggle.

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The only gifts of food I accept and eat from others who don’t know how to prepare foods gluten-free that are safe for me are food items still in their original packaging, with the ingredients label present so I can see what it contains and what allergen statements are included.  The food item must be labeled gluten-free, be included on a gluten-free product list somewhere, or listed as gluten-free on the manufacturer’s website. It would have to be something I’d really want to eat before I would actually phone or e-mail the manufacturer. Here’s an example of a food gift that I did not feel I could consume safely. Read More →

This is a recipe I’ve been using since the first holiday season I was gluten-free.  My family, especially my brother-in-law, seems to love it.  I took Glutino’s delicious cornbread recipe that was on the back of their Yankee Cornbread & Muffin Mix box and tweaked it a bit. Read More →

At work, I love getting assignments that require me to debug a program or process. I love digging in and researching to figure out the cause of a problem. It’s a skill that God has blessed me with, but I never thought I’d be using that skill for something like this, tracking down what’s giving me gluten exposure symptoms. It’s something I’ve had to do again and again over the course of my gluten-free life to this point. I hate wasting food, and I’ve had to get used to throwing things away if I can’t give them away. I don’t even share a kitchen with gluten-eaters, and yet I feel I have to be as careful and cautious as someone who does because of my level of sensitivity. Dealing with gluten cross-contamination is the one thing that has made me want to give up and wave the white flag of surrender many times.

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I hear about celebrities and others going gluten-free, and they tout it as a miracle. They’ve lost weight. They have a lot more energy. They feel better and more healthy in general. They may even have issues that have improved significantly or completely resolved. They make going gluten-free sound like the best thing since sliced (gluten-free) bread. They love being gluten-free and are eager to have others join them on the gluten-free diet. Read More →

My grandmother made delicious cornbread.  It was always so moist while many others were always so dry.  I hadn’t had it in a long time.  My grandmother went into the nursing home nearly eight years ago, and she passed away five years ago.  No one else made cornbread using that recipe.  I’d really been missing it, and when I found the certified gluten-free instant corn masa mix and the recipe for corn masa cornbread which suggested the rule of three parts masa to one part flour, I wanted to try to make it gluten-free. Read More →

I feel like a crazy person at times. I get paranoid when my food or something that might come into contact with it, like my hand or a utensil, grazes a surface or an object that I know hasn’t been carefully cleaned or wiped down. What if there are traces of gluten on it, and what if I get symptoms from it? Some of the following are ways that I believe I’ve become exposed to gluten and gotten symptoms. Read More →