My grandmother made delicious cornbread.  It was always so moist while many others were always so dry.  I hadn’t had it in a long time.  My grandmother went into the nursing home nearly eight years ago, and she passed away five years ago.  No one else made cornbread using that recipe.  I’d really been missing it, and when I found the certified gluten-free instant corn masa mix and the recipe for corn masa cornbread which suggested the rule of three parts masa to one part flour, I wanted to try to make it gluten-free. Read More →

I feel like a crazy person at times. I get paranoid when my food or something that might come into contact with it, like my hand or a utensil, grazes a surface or an object that I know hasn’t been carefully cleaned or wiped down. What if there are traces of gluten on it, and what if I get symptoms from it? Some of the following are ways that I believe I’ve become exposed to gluten and gotten symptoms. Read More →

At the beginning of the year, I saw my gastroenterologist and complained to her about some issues with bloating that I’d been having. She suggested I try a probiotic and gave me some samples of Restora. They made me feel awful. Thinking I was just experiencing effects from the good bacteria trying to colonize my gut, I tried to stick with them. Finally, I’d had enough and decided to try something else. Read More →


I hate having to be gluten-free and living the gluten-free life. It’s a necessary evil, a requirement to stay healthy, and not a choice for me. It is with me all day and everyday, for the rest of my life, and every meal can be a stress-filled event as I do my best to make sure that during preparation and eating I don’t contaminate my food. Read More →

How I Decided I Needed to Be Gluten-Free

It always seemed like I was a healthy kid. My mom took my sister and me to the doctor every year, and we always got clean bills of health. I never remember being sick from an undetermined cause. As a teenager, I had terrible acne, and this persisted throughout my college years. About the time of my senior year in college, I decided to go to a dermatologist to see if he could help me manage my acne and clear my skin. Read More →