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(Note:  This post has been updated multiple times since it was originally published.)

Since I first published this post, I’ve doubled my regimen and later almost completely backed off from it. I’ve decided to include my regimen as it was when I was taking double rather than remove it for those who may benefit from that information.  For my original regimen, what I was using when I first published this post, just cut the amounts in half.  When I was taking the tablets once a day, I would get them in a splittable size and split them in half, taking one half in the morning and the other half in the evening.

Here is what I’m currently using, as of April 2017.

My Regimen Before Correcting My Copper Toxicity

I believe the most important aspect of taking vitamins and supplements is balance.  I believe that anything supplemented needs to be balanced with supplementation of its complementary vitamins and minerals. For example, selenium and iodine need to be taken together. Calcium and magnesium need to be taken together. Vitamin A and Vitamin D need to be taken together. The regimen below has worked well for me.

  • Nature Made Multi Complete (2 tablets/day)

    • Before I went gluten-free, I discovered this wonderful multivitamin. I was looking for something different to try that had more than what the One-A-Day for Women had in it. When I tried this one, I felt unbelievably better, a night-and-day difference from when I was using the One-A-Day. I was amazed. I’ve stayed with this multivitamin since and highly recommend it.

  • Calcium 600 mg (2 tablets/day)

    • I take extra calcium because the multivitamin only contains a small amount. I don’t take any with other added vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin D, because I’m getting them from other sources.

  • Magnesium 250 mg (2 tablets/day)

    • I take extra magnesium because the multivitamin only has a small amount and to balance out the extra supplementation of the calcium.

  • Cod Liver Oil (2 capsules/day)

    • I take this to get some extra Vitamin A. The Vitamin D in the cod liver oil balances out the Vitamin A.  I buy the CVS Radiance brand because it contains 50% of the RDA each of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.  This way, I only need two capsules a day as opposed to four.

  • Sundown Naturals Complete Omega (2 capsules/day)

    • I take this to get a balanced mix of omega fatty acids.

  • Country Life Power-Dophilus (2 capsules/day)

    • I take this to keep my gut populated with good bacteria. So far, this is the only brand I’ve found that’s certified gluten-free and does not contain probiotic strains derived from gluten grains.  I’ve also used Country Life Powerdophilus.

What Didn’t Work for Me

  • Fish oil

    • The standalone Omega-3 supplement made me feel awful when I tried it. I believe it’s because my body needs a balance of the omega fatty acids. When I stopped using a supplement altogether, I felt miserable too, so I definitely feel I need some kind of omega supplement.

  • Biotin

    • When I complained to my dermatologist about weak and brittle nails, he suggested I try 5,000 mcg of biotin. I found some 1,000 mcg tablets at the drug store and thought I’d start low and work myself up if I felt it was necessary. It turned out that even the 1,000 mcg supplement caused me to develop some serious acne breakouts. About a week after stopping the supplement, I could tell my skin was calming down.

  • “Gluten-Free” probiotics that contain probiotic strains derived from gluten grains

    • Even though they may contain less than 20 ppm of gluten allowing them to be labeled gluten-free, the presence of trace amounts of gluten from the gluten-derived strains caused me to start having symptoms within a few days to about a week and a half after starting use.

  • Iron
    • Iron supplements by themselves or not balanced by the vitamins and minerals that work with it caused constipation and a worsening of my acne.  I could not even handle a 27 mg supplement with my previous regimen.  The reason I changed my entire regimen was to make sure I was getting enough iron balanced with other minerals like zinc, calcium, and copper.

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